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Live in London – The Zendesk Neighbour Foundation

Kelly Salance


On September 24th, we celebrated the opening of a new London office with the launch of our Community Benefits Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU outlines our long-term commitment to the community in London.  Specifically, Zendesk UK and the Neighbor Foundation have committed to at least £100,000 in financial support to local non-profit organizations and 1000 volunteer hours by at least 80% of Zendesk UK employees.  

Additionally, as part of the MOU, our London office is working to establish technology based workforce development activities.  Recent reports published by UK Parliament found that 653,000 young people aged 16-24 were unemployed from July to September of this year.  This represents a growing gap of unemployed youth in London and one that must be addressed. Our goal is to teach youth crucial job skills while sparking interest in technology careers. This will be done by leading a series of workshops for Team London’s HeadStart program and supporting the placement of 20 work experience interns, as well as hosting a one year apprentice role. 

Maeve Hurley (VP of Finance and Operations, EMEA), John Crossan (VP, EMEA), Mikkel Svane (CEO) as well as the rest of the London office signed the official MOU. With a whole office committed and determined, we are eager to see the positive impacts throughout the community. Be sure to check back with progress updates as the MOU comes to life.