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In the Neighborhood with De Marillac Academy

Kelly Salance

In our San Francisco office, employees regularly volunteer in the neighborhood with our community partners. Activities vary from helping in a dining kitchen, to sorting clothes, to playing bingo with seniors. If you ask employees about their favorite activity, each has one that generally sticks out in their mind. Carl Goldberg, a software engineer, recently visited De Marillac Academy and the experience left a lasting impact on him.

Established in 2001, De Marillac Academy provides tuition-free educations that focuses on academic excellence in a values-based environment and currently serve 119 fourth through eighth grade students.  Tutoring is an important part of De Marillac’s model as tutors are adult role models who are neither parents nor teachers. They provide the students with vital friendship, support, and guidance as they experience new academic challenges and unfamiliar social environments.

Carl and three other Zendesk employees spent the morning tutoring De Marillac Academy students with 1-on-1 reading sessions. At the end of the session, Carl was inspired by the work of De Marillac and made a significant donation to the school.  Read more about his donation on De Marillac’s blog.

Upon entering De Marillac Academy, there’s a dramatic shift from outside to inside, with an immediately warm and welcoming environment. Everyone we encountered - front-desk, administrators, teachers, students - was friendly and engaged. I was amazed by the variety and quality of their offerings to students. De Marillac seems to provide great support to current students and even to alumni as they work through high school and apply to college. Overall, I found De Marillac to be an incredible place and a beacon of hope nestled in a neighborhood that is rarely described in those terms.
— Carl Goldberg

Carl’s donation and participation at De Marillac Academy demonstrate the relationships our employees are cultivating in the neighborhood. Thank you De Marillac and Carl for your commitment to the community!