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Link-SF Update

Kelly Salance

In 2014, Zendesk partnered with one of our San Francisco community partners, St. Anthony’s, to build a mobile first web app, Link-SF to help connect homeless and low-income members in the community with essential resources such as shelter, food and medical aid.  Our team of engineers at Zendesk who built the app recently gave it a much needed update.

Rose Trujillo, one of the Zendesk engineers leading the project spoke about the  updates on the Zendesk Blog,

Last year we announced a partnership with Open Referral, whose mission is to standardize civic services data across geographic regions. With this standardization, referral portals such as Link-SF can share data with each other, which decreases the amount of work duplication to maintain resource information. To that end, we are happy to announce that our latest version of the project consumes data that is very close in structure to Open Referral’s exemplary API, the Ohana API.”

With several other 'Link' instances from Copenhelp to Link-Dane, the updates continue to make this open-source project easily replicated in communities in need around the world.

Link-SF is free software. Learn more or get it here