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STREAT - Tastes Good. Does Good.

Kelly Salance

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Think of all the things you need to start your day.  If you are like millions of people around the world, this includes your daily cup of coffee. And if you are like most, you have strong opinions on how you take your coffee. Perhaps it’s in a certain mug, or with milk, or prepared by your favorite barista who knows your special order -- whatever the preference, coffee is a ritual. While people drink coffee all over the world, Melbourne has a particular affinity for coffee. Often dubbed the best coffee culture in the world, the city is no stranger to delicious coffee, picturesque cafes and friendly customer service and STREAT cafes are no exception to this.

Tastes Good. Does Good.

With four cafes around Melbourne, STREAT serves high quality food and coffee in unique and inviting spaces. But what makes STREAT truly special is that they go beyond just being a high quality business. STREAT is a hospitality-focused social enterprise that provides training and employment opportunities for homeless and disadvantaged youth.

Since their days of a single coffee cart in 2010, STREAT now manages eight hospitality businesses with opportunities for their students to train and gain meaningful work experience.  In addition to on the job training, STREAT provides wrap-around support for their student with individual case management, group life skills programs and, most importantly, a sense of belonging.  

What differentiate STREAT other social enterprises in Australia?

Many small socially minded companies -- and Australia has over 20,000 -- start with building a business and then slowly try to grow their philanthropic arm as they become successful. While this might work for some, STREAT felt strongly that it need to dually focus on delivering high quality food while promoting a strong social message.

People become extremely loyal once they learn the food is good AND is doing social good at the same time.
— Ian Johnson, Marketing Manager for STREAT.

They wanted to rapidly grow the their number of cafes so they could rapidly grow the number of young people they are serving.  Throughout these businesses, they have become 70% self-funded and on a path to be completely self funded. It’s with this strong social purpose that STREAT has managed to continue to grow over the last eight years and are changing the world, one coffee at a time.

Next time you need your morning fix or afternoon pick-me-up, head over to one of STREAT's cafes and tweet at us (@ZDNeighborFDN) a picture of your drink and we will send some Foundation swag your way!