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Transformation of the Dublin Docklands


Transformation of the Dublin Docklands

Kelly Salance

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Over the last decade, Dublin has emerged into a prosperous technology hub with companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter (and even Zendesk) setting up their EMEA headquarters in the city. It has marked a new era for the city and perhaps no area represents this resurgence as much as the Dublin Docklands.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, the Dublin Docklands were synonymous with success in the city, with endless ships sailing coming and going out of Dublin Port — one of the largest ports in the world at its peak. Unfortunately, with the arrival of containerization in the mid-20th century (and the resulting mass loss of jobs for dockworkers), the docklands went into a decline. For the subsequent decades, the docklands became a desolate, post-industrial area without any real purpose. That is until the Dublin Docklands Authority initiated a massive regeneration program in the late 1990’s. Fast-forward ten years, the Docklands are hardly recognizable from the once run-down, vast ghost town of the decade prior.

Today, when you walk around the docks, there is a vibrancy breathing through it — cutting edge restaurants, cafes, offices and apartments makeup this trendy new neighborhood. One such building along the Docklands is Zendesk’s new EMEA headquarters. While this revitalization to the Docklands -- now nicknamed the Silicon Docks-- has been a breath of fresh air for Dublin’s economy, we recognize that when we move into a space we are helping to reshape it and we must respect the history and past to be a contributing part of our community.


With that in mind, our new office reflects our commitment to promoting community involvement and employee well-being inside and out of our workplace. We focus our community work on workforce development and technical literacy as well as diversity and inclusion - partnering with organizations including Dublin Gay Men’s Chorus, Teen-Turn and Dublin Simon Community.

In our physical office space, there are a number of unique features including a ‘mother’s room’ where Zendesk moms returning to work can breastfeed in a sleek yet cozy space (with artwork by Zendesk’s own, Chelsea Larrson), a wellness zone with a yoga studio and ample green outdoor spaces. Additionally, the office is equipped with a full event space available to host many future events with our local community partners in Dublin.

As we settle into our new home, we look forward to the future as we grow our relationships in the community. Yet, we understand that we are a part of a long history in the Docklands.