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Hands on Manila - Servathon 2016

Kelly Salance

Our Manila office partnered with Hands on Manila as part of their Servathon last week.  Servathon is a flagship program of Hands On Manila that aims provides every citizen an opportunity to get ‘hands on’ and address everyday issues that affect their community. This year, we had 21 Zendesk volunteers participate from our Manila office. While there are many different projects as part of the Servathon, our team focused on addressing one particular issue, Dengue Fever.

Dengue Fever is an ongoing public health concern in the Philippines, with a 4% increase in cases in 2016 compared to 2015*.  This disease is transmitted through mosquitos that tend to live very close to people in build up areas and in places with stagnant water, which puts parts of the Philippines at high risk for transmission.

With this knowledge, we spent our Servathon day building mosquito traps to help reduce transmission. We constructed over 400 homemade mosquito traps. These traps were then distributed to various barangays in Metro Manila where these is a higher prevalence of dengue.

While we know this effort alone will not completely solve the problem, it is fulfilling to help raise awareness and increase prevention efforts. Our team loved being a part of the Servathon and looks forward to the next time we can get ‘hands on’ in the community!

Check out Hands on Manila website for more on how to you can get involved.