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Copenhelp: An App to Help Copenhagen’s Homeless Population

Kelly Salance

Denmark is known for its robust social system, which includes programs such as free education and healthcare. This network is designed to minimize the socio-economic gap. Despite the extensive services that are available, there is still a portion of citizens who experience homelessness throughout the country. While documenting this population is difficult, experts estimate 10,000 to 15,000 homeless people in Denmark, about half of which live in Copenhagen.

 With numbers that high, our Copenhagen team felt obligated to contribute to the solution. We recently launched, a mobile app that assists Copenhageners living in poverty with essential resources nearby. This mobile optimized website will help an estimated 6,000 homeless people in Denmark find the closest services like shelter, food, medical care, technology access, and hygiene services. Currently the site is only offered in English and we are hoping to reach migrants and refuges arriving in Denmark who might lack the knowledge of what is available for them in their new place of residence.

With an increase in the availability and use of smart phones by low-income residents, the mobile app is designed to connect those most in need with relevant resources on the go with correct information such as phone numbers, Google Maps directions and open hours.

Copenhelp was developed by a dedicated team of Zendesk employees in partnership with Bespoke, to address the complex issue of homelessness in Copenhagen. Copenhelp is a Danish version of Link-SF, an app that a team of our Zendesk employees built last year for homeless people in San Francisco.  To see the site in action and to learn more go to