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Guest Post: A week in London with our Team London Intern

Kelly Salance

Meet Phoeby Narenthiran – As our first Team London intern, Pheoby worked with Andy Sommer on the PR team for a week last fall. She is here to share her experience as our intern.

When I first came into City Hall on a wet and rainy day in August to participate in a couple of workshops, I didn’t expect much. I assumed I would listen to the AGL and Zendesk workshops, send in my application and never hear from them again. Little did I know my application would lead to an interview, which would then lead to an incredible week of work experience.

The week was predominately spent with Andy (the Senior Manager of International Communications) who talked me through a series of jobs. He was incredibly patient and keen to ensure my week was as productive and interesting as possible.

The week’s activities ranged from hearing more about each department in the office to completing research tasks and learning more about the behind-the-scenes of Zendesk. Working alongside Tegan, the office manager who makes the whole office run a lot more smoothly, and Surina, the new marketing intern from the Stepforward programme, made everything even more enjoyable.

The most memorable part of the week was meeting the people who worked there.

They all had different jobs, stories and advice they were keen to share with me. The tone of the office is quite light-hearted (unless there’s a red-alert); and fortunately I was able to witness everyone dressing up for Halloween and enjoying the celebration – definitely showing the close-knit community.

Massive thanks to: Jake from the HeadStart programme who helped me start off on the right foot, Andy who put up with me all week and Tegan who ensured I had a year’s worth of Halloween chocolate to eat and take home!

Hope to see you all soon for another incredible week.