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Empathy - Medium Score

You’ve done this before

Scoring between the low and high range for empathy, you have experience navigating emotions and are ready to grow more. Our suggestions are based on the research of the Greater Good Science Center. You could try:


Capitalizing on positive events

Ask someone you know to tell you about a good thing that happened to them today. As they share, make good eye contact, express positive emotion by smiling, make enthusiastic comments, and ask constructive questions to find out more about the positive aspects of the event. When people first hear about this exercise, they are afraid it will feel phony but upon completion they report that it felt natural and easy to do.

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Reading great works of literature

Find a novel that interests you and read it. We have a few available that we suggest. Books host characters with complex personalities and by examining those characters, you can gain insight into the characters of your world as well.

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