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1019 Market St
San Francisco, CA

Zendesk Neighbor Foundation


The Zendesk Neighbor Foundation was founded on the belief that the best relationships are rooted in empathy. Empathy is the capacity to walk in someone else’s shoes, understand their point of view and hear their story. Empathy in business establishes trust, deepens relationships and inspires innovation.

Our focus is addressing homelessness and poverty; and promoting technical literacy, diversity and gender equality in the cities where we live and work. Empathy helps us look at the complicated and nuanced issues surrounding homelessness and poverty and approach those issues humbly. It lends context and urgency to goals for equality.

Empathy means offering more than financial support to those in need. It broadens our definition of “good neighbor.” Guided by empathy, we get to know the people in our communities, join them in their experience and work toward solutions side by side.