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Stand Up for Equality

Stand Up for Equality

At Zendesk, we believe in equality as way of doing business. We are committed to helping all people get fair and equal representation—in our offices, in our communities, and around the globe. This is more than just good business ethics—it’s part of our history.  As a successful company, we are lucky to have the influence and resources to help shape the world around us. We have to take the lead in supporting our cultures and our society, and we have to do it in a responsible, respectful, and impactful way.


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Taking Stock Pledge

In partnership with SaasStock, Zendesk is launching the #TakingStockPledge - an Inclusivity Pledge aimed to make Saas more diverse.


Zendesk Neighbor Foundation

The Zendesk Neighbor Foundation is just what it sounds like: a way for Zendesk to be good neighbors and give back to the communities we call home. 

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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion are more than buzzwords, and bigger than the bottom line. It’s about our people knowing that they’re valued where they work.

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